by Shire

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released May 27, 2012



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Shire Hingham, Massachusetts

Telling time by paint on the docks. Chipping faded floating clocks..

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Track Name: Skinny Fingers
I see it
right in front of your eyes
dangling by a fishline
so wrapped around

So wrapped around
your bloodshot eyes
I can't stick up for them

Deep Fried BY!
The summer's sun
A new tattoo
For everyone!

Bleach your clothes and bleach your NAaaAAAME!
Spill your guts out, BLEACH THE PAIN..

You're always on the phone..
Making plans--Just call them off
Oh come on man

You're wasting time,
I suppose that's fine..

Just stop wasting mine

We'll turn this town
upside down
Track Name: To Take You Home
To Take You Home

Snow powdered days,
candy coated wrapped and hope to stay
the way they've always been

Till the last train on the last day
takes you so far away from where you've been.

All night long
the train forges on
screaming his swan song all wrong.

I hope to find you somewhere inside the sky
but the sun burns my eyes
till the last train on the last day
comes and takes me back to the place
where I finally Can

Take you home
Track Name: Neck
I'm gonna be upright
all night
what will it take
to make things right

My friends say
"you can't rewind to better days"
they're all imaginary anyway

it's gonna be alright
don't fight

it'll all be better once you shut your eyes

My friends say
"you can't take back those words words you said"
they were better left inside your head.

And I'd watch your neck as you walk away.

And i'll sing those words we just can't say.

You got nothing left to say to me
but you stand in the place
don't melt away don't melt away
it's all imaginary anyway.
Track Name: Doosh Kesh
Hold on it's beautiful then gone
what chapter were we even on
I'll turn the page

But I can't
the page is waterlogged
and falling apart in my hands

while everything around us
turns to rust
we'll break away so we can run.

Then Maybe we
could sail away from here
to stars that we've never seen before.

It's OKAY!!!!


Let go let goooo

Of everything you've ever knooooooooooO0own
Track Name: Town
We'll write a song
take it out of town
we'll be gone
down the traintracks running fast
not looking back

I'd like to stay another day
I'd like to stay another day
But I, just can't relate

I'd like to stay another day
But I can't bear to see you waste away, waste away
Track Name: Payne's Grey
Sing me to sleep
Pull the blankets over my feet
drift with me to dreams
humm that same ol' tune on repeat

i'm not a fan
of the words you sang
but with a melody so sweet
you sing me to sleep

and It sounded like,
"Forget me not, Forget me maybe
Erase this from, erase this from your memory..."

We'll drive around this town
searching for a good place to bury this all underground
I'll sleep outside
I'll sleep outside till the morning sounds

I'm sorry for
not saying more
the unsettled scars
and the hole in your shirt

sing me to sleep.